Anthology Stars of India


लिखने का हुनर और शौख दोनों ही रखती हूँ अपने लिए नहीं दूसरों के लिए जीना पसंद करती हूँ। मैं श्रद्धा करुणा सागर अपने लेखन को सच्चाई से बाँधना चाहती हूँ नियमों से नहीं बदलाव से बाँधना चाहती हूँ शर्तों से नहीं। मैं उत्तर प्रदेश के एक ऐसे जिले से तालुख रखती हूँ जहाँ मजबूत इरादे और सुनहरे सपने प्रत्येक इंसान के लहू में दौड़ते हैं मुझे फ़क्र होता है बताते हुए की मैं जिला सीतापुर की रहने वाली हूँ जो अपने आप में एक अध्याआत्मिक ऊर्जा का केंद्र है।मैं स्वयं एक विद्यार्थी हूँ और अपने पैरों पे खड़े होने के लिए प्रयाशरत हूँ। पैरों पे खड़े होने का मकसद इस समाज की तस्वीर को बदलना है एवं आज की संकुचित मानसिकता को प्रगीतिशील मांशिकता में तब्दील करना है।आज के दौर में अध्यातमिकता का सशक्तिकरण करना हमारे लिए अत्यंत आवश्यक हो गया है। मेरा मानना है की इस दुनिया की सबसे मूल्यवान वस्तु आपके विचार हैं और आपके विचार इस दुनिया की सोच को बदलने की ताकत रखते हैं इस दुनिया के नकारात्मकता भरे माहौल में भी एक नयी ऊर्जा का संचार करने की हिमाक़ात रखते हैं जितने आपके विचार शक्तिशाली बनेगे उतनी ही रफ़्तार से आप इस संसार को एक बेहतरीन विचारधारा से जोड़ पाएंगे।मेरा शायद इस दुनिया में आने का कारण भी बदलाव है और इस दुनिया से जाने का कारण भी बदलाव ही होगा। अगर मैं अपने लेखन द्वारा इस संसार में एक नयी चेतना को जाग्रत करने में सफल रही तो मैं अपने आप को एक बेहतरीन और सफल लेखक समझूंगी और मुझे बताते हुए बहुत ख़ुशी हो रही की इस सफलता की शुरुवात हो गयी है मैं शुक्र गुज़ार हुँ limelight Award की की उन्होंने मेरे लेखन को पुरस्कृत कर मेरे इस सफर का गौरव बढ़ाया। और हमारी संस्था करुणा सागर आत्मिक उत्थान सेवा समिति इस दुनिया की सेवा के लिए हमेशा मजबूती से खड़ी है।

Aashna Chawla

Aashna Chawla 21, daughter of Mrs. Divya Chawla and Mr. Rajoo Chawla. She the founder of Unvoiced Heart Publication and currently pursuing Psychology, she has also completed her journalism in 2019. She started her publishing community in February 2020 and has published 200+ books yet.

She started her journey as a writer and wishes to be one always.

Khushi Sharma

Khushi is a 17y/o entrepreneur who belongs to the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. She is currently in class 12th.

She started a publication with her best friend Urooj Fatima named Pixie & Pexels which is not just any publication house but a blooming family.

In less than four months they have 85+ ongoing projects and have been featured on Daily Hunt and TheWeeklyMail.

She also is the founder of The Metanoiah which is an NGO aiming to fight social stigmas, support women, encourage talent, promote afforestation, focus on mental health and support old age homes and orphanagesz

Also she is an affiliate marketer so she helps young entrepreneurs, students and people to earn passive income and help them grow.


  1. Founded the publication – Pixie & Pexels
  2. Founded the NGO- The Metanoiah
  3. Founded five communities to appreciate all kinds of talent- The Inkversing Community, Mellow Harmonies, Picturesque Shots, Satisfying Strokes and Dancing Dynasty
  4. Be the change award for being founder of Mission Hope
  5. OMG Book of Record Holder for the anthology Khoj
  6. Amazing Indian Record for the anthology Wonderland
  7. Nominee of Best Poet Award
  8. Compiled two anthologies and many are ongoing
  9. Co-authored in 30+ anthologies
  10. Completed Campus Ambassador Internship at International Model United Nations
  11. Attended IMUN Conference 56.0
  12. Volunteer at Young Volunteers Organisation
  13. LIC writing contest citywise second place holder
  14. 40+ certificates in various school and interschool events
  15. Won 1st position in 5+ events conducted by TwinWin India
  16. Featured in Safalta Ki Udaan, Fox Interviewer
  17. Published in Vibgyor,
  18. Featured in Classico Opine Magazine
  19. Featured on DailyHunt and TheWeeklyMail
  20. Interviewed in Mt Kenya times
  21. Nominated for the Game Changer Award and featured in Taare Zameen Par Magazine
  22. Won Stellar’s youth exemplary awards in the catagory for Best Entrepreneur
  23. Won the Best People award in the Catagory Best Entrepreneur by Achiever’s award
  24. Won Spectrum Shoorveer Award for being a COVID warrior
  25. Awarded the Best Entrepreneur award by Kalam Ratna Awards

Her inspiration is her squad – Aashi Toor, Anmolprit and Urooj Fatima, they are the people who have inspired her by their hard-work, selflessness and loving nature and always motivated her to become a better version of herself.

If she here today, she owes it to these three people, specially Urooj. If it weren’t them she would’ve never been able to achieve all this.


A small town girl, hailing from Gorakhpur, Urooj is 19 years old who has completed her Secondary Education and is a Medical Aspirant now. Writing, for her is “Metaphor of Control”.

She writes to free the feelings from the cage of her heart. She finds it simply beautiful and liberating, to share her silent hours with her noisy heart and chaotic mind.

She started a publication with her best friend Khushi Sharma, named Pixie & Pexels which is not just any publication house but a blooming family.

In less than four months they have 85+ ongoing projects and have been featured on Daily Hunt and TheWeeklyMail.

Also she is an affiliate marketer so she helps young entrepreneurs, students and people to earn passive income and help them grow.

-Founded the publication Pixie & Pexels

-CEO the initiative Mission Hope

-Managing director of THE METANOIAH

-Founded five communities to appreciate all kind of talents The Inkversing Community. Mellow Harmonies Picturesque Shots Satisfying Strokes and Dancing Dynasty

-Spectrum Budding Awardee. 2021

-OMG Book of Record Holder for the anthology, KHOJ

-Amazing Indian Record for the anthology VAMIKA.

-Nominated for Best Port Award 2021

-Compiled five anthologies and alot ongoing

-Co authored in 20+ anthologies

-Intern at International Model United Nations

-Attended IMUN Conference

-Volunteer at Young Volunteers Organisation

-Volunteer at OLIHfor Covid Awareness and resource.

-Won 2nd position in amongst neighbouring districts in Mathematics

-Published in Vibgyor

-Classico Opino June Edition International Magazine Interview

-Featured on DailyHunt, Foxinterviewer, The Online Journal, Vascodegama and TheWeeklyMail

-Won Stellar’s youth exemplary awards in the catagory for Best Entrepreneur

-Won the Best People award in the Catagory Best Entrepreneur by Achiever’s award

-Won Spectrum Shoorveer Award for being a COVID warrior

-Awarded the Best Entrepreneur award by Kalam

Chirag L Sagar

Chirag L Sagar is a 2nd year MBBS student studying at Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre,Mangalore. His hobbies are poetry, reading – books,novels, autobiographies,philately, listening to songs,sports like cricket and badminton,cooking. He is a medico by profession and a writer by passion. His dream is to become an Emergency Medicine Physician and a Surgical Oncologist, passion wise a successful and highest selling author.

 Instagram : @chirag_cls18 Facebook : Chirag LSagar

Jyoti Duggal

Jyoti Duggal D/O Mr. Ravi Duggal and Mrs. Mamta Duggal born and brought up in holy city also called “Dev Bhoomi” Haridwar, Uttarakhand. She has completed her Post Graduation in and now pursuing her double masters in PGDBA.

She is a budding entrepreneur and is the founder of Krishna Institute of Excellence ‘an institution located in her hometown’ where she tries to provide her best knowledge and skills to young generation. She is also a founder of “Flying Soul Foundation”. She is managing her profession and her passion altogether. She aims to flourish as a writer and wants to help all the aspiring writers and mastership artists who are looking for a platform to showcase their talent.

Her achievements till date are-

  1. Founder of Krishna Institute of Excellence.
  2. Founder of Flying Soul foundation under which 4 communities are working currently and collaborations are in process.
  3. Worked as a co-author in 70+ anthologies and still counting.
  4. Compiled two anthologies and more ongoing.
  5. Worked as Hindi content editor.
  6. Worked as manager and influencer in a publication.
  7. Kalam Ratan Awardee in the category of author and writer.
  8. Featured in Elysian magazine in June edition.
  9. Received Star Icon Award.
  10. Received Inspired Youth Award.
  11. Received Chosen One Award.
  12. Received Elite Book Award.
  13. Attended Kalam Youth Summit 2021.
  1. Intern with many organizations like onelifeinfinitehappiness, Lions club (event utsav), Aashman Foundation (in Human Resource), Empire INC Holding Company, etc.

Saksham Kailoo

Saksham Kailoo belongs to Udhampur, J&K. He is Founder Head of OLIH and Kalam’s Ratna Awards, Organizations selflessly working for Abnormal Mental Health and Recognizing the Talent and Front Line Workers. Apart from this, he is working as a Chief Advisor and Project Head in a Unvoiced Heart Publication. He has done internship in various organizations. A budding Ayurveda Doctor too.

His Achievements

Worked in more than 60 anthologies. Compiled 5 of his own

India Book Of Record Holder

Vajra World Record Holder

Forever Star Book Of World Record Holder

Author of the year 2020 by Ne8x Lifest

Best Achiever of the year 2021 by AwardsArc

International Kalam’s Golden Award Holder

Human Rights Nobel Award Holder

Recognized by Kalam Foundation

Certificate of Kindness Holder

Spectrum Shoorveer Award Holder

Corona Warrior by GHRT

Certified in Advanced Level Human Psychology.

Certified in Automatic Financial Accounting.

Selected and participated in various International Model United Nations Online Conferences such and IMUN, Asia Africa Model United Nations and Eurasia Model United Nations.

Nominated for Indian Achievers Award

Managed Virtual Mic by Unvoiced Heart Publication

Guest Speaker on Eudemonia by Rotaract Club of Salt Lake

Studied JusticeX from Harvard Online Connect with him on instagram @sakshamkailoo

Ishani Agarwal

Ishani Agarwal hails from the City of Joy, Kolkata.

She is the co-founder of her Community “Teekhe Zasbaaat” and Flairs and Glairs Publication.

Been a Compiler for 55+ Anthologies, she is in the process for more. Co-authored in 150+ Anthologies. She is a India Book of Records Holder, a Vajra World Records Holder, a High Range of Records Holder, an OMG Book of Records Holder, a Bravo Record holder, a Forever Star Book of World Records, an Indian Book of Records Holder and an Amazing Indian Records Holder.

Approved by Ne8x for its Lit Fest 2020, and Literary Icon 2020. Also a Golden Star Awards Winner 2020.

She has also been awarded with India Star Republic Award 2021, a part of She Awards by Awards Arc and Winner of Nari Samman 2021 by Literoma.

She is also selected as Best Achiever of the Year by AwardsArc, Most Challenging Compiler Award by Spectrum Awards, Most Deserving Awards by Awards by Awards Arc, best Writer of the Year by Aspirant Achievers book of Records, Appreciated as the Guest of Honour by Cherry Book Awards, and many more.

She got her first solo Published,a solo Compilation consisting of first 750 contents of hers, titled “Hand That Burnt While Healing”.

She has been featured by the National Magazine “Taree Zameen Par” with the title ‘unstoppable’. She has been featured on the Cover of the Magazine ‘Classico Opine’ in their June Edition and has been interviewed by ‘Elysian Magazine’ for their Author Interview column in their July edition.

Also featured in the International Magazine DeMode for her upcoming solo novel, she is proud to write on social issues, and is happy with the love she is receiving.

Connect with her on Instagram: @Ishani_agarwal_quotes / @compilations_so_far

Anwesha Maity

Anwesha Maity is a budding author and writer from the City of Joy. She is currently pursuing her Undergraduate degree from Vedanta College Kolkata. Her pen works were featured in Elysian and Irenic Magazines and her name arises as a co-author in Anthologies. She,becoming the three times winner of International Writing Contests,takes over the spotlight. Her hobbies also includes dancing and painting and she has proved her forte equally in three creative fields. She is being awarded with the prestigious TGP Gallant Awards and Pride and Honour Awards 2021 for her dedication and hard work towards the writing field. She believes in soaring as much as she can and turn her daydreams into reality.

Aditi Bajoria

Aditi Bajoria, is in her junior year in high school. She has been writing since grade 7th and last year, in August 2020 she started her compiling journey and co-authoring anthologies.

She has compiled 5 books till now and a lot of on-going projects.

She has co authored around 15 books; 2 of them being record holding anthologies !

On 28th of March 2021, she founded The Unheard Stories along with her inspiration in the writing field and support system, Shruti Singh. The Unheard Stories (abbreviated as TUS) even though only 5-and-a-half-month-old, it is a fully functioning platform for budding writers and artists and authors out there.

With an active writing community, a magazine, event community and books club, she owes all this to Shruti and Yash Agarwal for always being there and taking on the workload and motivating her for all this time. The plans they have for TUS and watch the platform she and her two precious gems made, flourish and shine as it should !

She is also an OMG Book of Record Holder for her anthology, Unwrapped Heart.

She aspires to achieve a lot more in the near future in this field and also bring a few changes to the dark side of this community along with Shruti and Yash

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