At the young age of 25, Kuldeep Sharma has achieved what many others can only dream of

Author Kuldeep Sharma is a Multiple Award-Winning Author of 3 Books, National & World Record Holder, IELTS & PTE Trainer, Digital Media Writer, and most importantly Self-made Millionaire. He is an Engineer by qualification but his passion has made him indulge in various other domains.

Today, he has become a beam of inspiration and motivation for all those young people who come from a small town. He has also written many articles, especially for the young people.Mr. Kuldeep Sharma’s writing is a perfect blend of real-life experiences and insights. He has immensely contributed to various Digital Media Platforms such as Thrive Global, Youth Ki Awaaz, Times of India and so on. Furthermore, Writing always came as an innate passion. Something, he found extremely immersive, sublime and at times even cathartic. There are few things which make him soul cleansing and writing is one of them.He always believes that everyone is unique and helping those people discover their true potential is his motive. His guidance or words are based around the concept of “Life Experiences.” He helps young minds so that they could also achieve their dreams and goals.

Author Kuldeep Sharma holds many Records and Awards in his name such as Kalam Book of World Record, Credence Book of World Record, Achiever of the Year Award, Star Book Record of International, Rabindranath Tagore Award, Book Honour Award, Indian Pride Award, Author of the Year, and many others. He is also a great educator & mentor. His passion for Writing is only equaled and complemented by his love of mentoring.

He has successfully published three books based on Exam International English language Testing System (IELTS). Now, He is on the board to publish his fourth Non-fiction book.

When not inspiring young minds through his teaching and not indulging in his love for writing, Kuldeep likes to pursue his interests in Psychology and Media realm.

The Author has also been featured on more than twenty prominent media platforms and magazines. An Avid Reader himself, he is a voracious consumer of stories in all mediums – be it physical books, movies, podcasts, or audio books.

He always shares few suggestions to the young people:

1. There is no shortcut for the success. One will have to toil many nights, relentlessly pursue of goals, resilient toward difficult times and huge patience.

2. Setbacks come in life. Don’t give up.

3. No one will offer you Success. You will have to create it by your own.

 4. You have to remain focus in this world of distraction.

 5. Yes, knowledge is power. 

Eventually, he shares his mantra for Success, “Isolate Yourself, Work hard, Have Patience and Love Your Parents.”

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