Dr. Karnnika Seth has been acknowledged at the Future Crime Summit 2024 for her excellence in cyber law.


Dr. Karnnika Seth won recognition for her outstanding achievements to cyber law at the esteemed Future Crime Summit 2024, a global conference of experts in cybersecurity and proponents of crime prevention that happened in New Delhi on February 8–9. The annual Leadership in Cyber Law Practice award was given to Dr. Seth, a well-known lawyer in the top court of India, highlighting her outstanding accomplishments along with dedication to the topic at hand.

Innovative Cyber Law Pioneer Luminary

As the founder of Seth Consultants and chair of Lex Cyberia, Dr. Karnnika Seth has forged a notable career in the field of cyber law. Her innovative work combining digital forensics, legal advice, and cyber law research has contributed to stronger cyber law frameworks on a national and worldwide level.

Educational and Professional Excellence

Dr. Seth has a Ph.D. in cyber law and has received specialized training from top colleges such as King’s College London and Harvard University, giving him a thorough understanding of the nuances of cyber law. Her ability in handling intricate legal and business environments in cyberspace is further evidenced by her commercial expertise and guidance services provided to multinational enterprises.

Respect for Honours and Awards

Dr. Seth was awarded various honours for her outstanding work, including the Platinum Excellence Amrit Award 2022 and the Chief Justice of India’s Law Day Award. Her written works, including “Computers, Internet, and New Technology Laws,” have received high praise and are vital resources for practicing and teaching cyber law.

Activating Initiatives and Social Engagement

Beyond her career hobbies, Dr. Karnnika Seth shows an intense dedication to humanitarian concerns, especially those that support women’s rights and children’s safety online. Her collaborations with UNICEF and ICMEC, as well as her non-profit company FIRE, reflect her dedication to building a safer internet environment for the next generation of children.

The 2024 Future Crime Summit: An Platform for Partnership

The Future Crime Summit 2024, which was concurrently arranged by the Future Crime Research Foundation and the AIIDE Centre of Excellence at IIT Kanpur, offered the perfect setting for honouring Dr. Seth’s accomplishment. Experts were able to interact during the meeting in order to create measures against the constantly shifting cyber threat landscape.

A Bright Future

The recognition of Dr. Karnnika Seth at the Future Crime Summit 2024 confirms her significant impact on improving the fields of cybersecurity and cyber law. The future of cyber law in India and abroad appears bright because to her exceptional management, enabling young professionals to embrace imaginative thinking, commitment, and social obligation in establishing the digital era.

Shabnam Khatoon

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