Elderly man can’t control his tears when asked to walk granddaughter down the aisle. Watch

The clip was posted on the Instagram page Magically News one day ago. It has received more than 1.42 lakh views. The video shows the elderly man sitting on a table with a woman who looks to be his wife. He is seen reading a letter that is addressed ‘Grandy’. “The moment his granddaughter asks him to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day,” says a text insert on the video. As the man finishes reading the letter, he feels overwhelmed and can’t control the tears in his eyes. His wife consoles him as his granddaughter comes and gives him a hug. The man says “I certainly will” to his granddaughter fighting back tears. “Her ‘Grandy’ will be walking her down the aisle alongside her dad. Protect this beautiful man,” reads the caption.

Since being posted, the video has also accumulated over 14,000 likes. Netizens loved the video and a few wished their grandparents were alive.

“Now we need to see them walking down the aisle,” commented an Instagram user. “Anyone who still have their grandparents are so lucky,” said another. A third individual posted, “What a lucky girl, her dad and her granddad. That’s so awesome. Wish i still had parents or grandparents.”

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