He is my Poesy – a poetical novel.

‘He is my Poesy’ is basically a collection of English non-rhyme poems. It is a complete set of 100 poetries of
130 pages. Though a poetry book, it actually corresponds with a novel. Thus, it is poetry in motion, where all
the poems are like chapters. Every poem is connected to each other forming it into a poetical novel.
The genre being romance goes sweetly with the poetries. Narration of a love story through poems is what this
book is about. It is about a girl and a boy who fall in love with each other and how they go together as their
story is written. The plot of the story is very simple. It is recited/ narrated in the view of the female
A girl woebegone with her own thoughts meets a fun-loving boy who eventually crafts her life. He is a dancer
and she is a writer. And they both together learn to dance with words. It starts with the girl who is completely
depressed. She is dazed off in her own thoughts and angst eating her all within. She meets this boy who is a
soul carved out of blithe. After watching him she realised what happiness exactly looks like. He holds this vibe
of merry all over everywhere. The story begins where the introvert and the extrovert fall in love with each
other. The boy swirling in his own debonair world teaches her happiness and gives her her first ever smile.
She relates herself to a solitary shore, where he is the wave who never washed away her sandcastles. Their
odyssey begins with all the happy moments he has given to her.
She believes him as an angel by god, who turns out to be a miracle. He is an astrophile who builds
constellations for her with the stars in his eyes. She makes him believe in love while he makes her believe in
happiness. With miles to walk and smiles to talk, their life is written in all the shades of colors. A lot of craters
dust their way, but they always adore their moon. At times these craters become too huge to overcome. One
fine day, the girl meets an accident right in front of his eyes. With their brokenness they try to heal each other.
While the recoveries were in process, they kept facing more wounds. And that’s what life is, facing the bruises
strongly and letting the togetherness heal all. The story goes on till the 100th poem describing how they
become home to each other. But happily their story doesn’t end here. It moves to the Epilogue where ‘He is
the dawn. She is the dusk. And together they make twilight.’ Which make them eternal part of each other,
Little do they know that- The God has scribbled epiphany on every new page of their life.

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