How Devang Joshi is making farmers “A Smart Entrepreneur.”

We are in the 21st century. Everyone is upgrading them with the latest technology, latest products, the latest innovation coming in the market, and daily new things are coming into the market. Still, our Big-Hearted farmers, the primary source of our food supply chain, are poor, but the middle man is getting more revenue than farmers. According to research, 16% of the farm produced gets wasted before it reaches the market due to a lack of knowledge about post-harvest technology, infrastructure and transportation.

For coming out this problem, one needs farm-level technology that can save the farm produce wastage and add on the value of the farm produce and that all must be in the farmer’s budget. Also, technology should last long for many years and be easy to use by rural women and farmers.

Devang Joshi comes up with an Innovative solution For this problem. It Is “The Multipurpose Solar Dryer”, which is best for post-harvest technology at the farm level and can also add to the value of farm produce and its self-life. This Multipurpose solar dryer works on solar radiation and uses all three heating modes: radiation, conduction, and convection. Due to that, its efficiency is at par compared to other cheaper models available in the market. Also, the dryer is made up of stainless steel material and the latest technology like CNC laser cutting, CNC bending and Argon welding. Due to this, the quality and life of the dryer are around 20 years, and the cost of the dryer is within the farmer’s budget.  Also, the dryer is entirely dustproof insect-proof, rustproof, rodent and bug proof, so farmers do have not to worry about the quality of the product dried from the solar dryer. The design of this dryer is engineered very economically, which dries the product under hygienic conditions and keeps the taste, aroma, flavour and colours of the food intact and keeps the same nutrition value.

Not only post-harvesting but these dryers help farmers and women to have earned more profits by starting

Food processing unit or small start-up for selling value-added products. One can begin to dry herbal leaves powder making business or create fruit pulp bar making business like Aam papad, mango rolls, fruit bars. All these products are value-added and earn more profits than conventional products selling in the market. Also, farmers get an advantage of seasonal price variation and geographical price variation. Now farmers can take crops in pick production season and harvest them when the price is low to the sale during high demand season when the product’s price is high.

Also, Devang is helping farmers by training them about complete start-up, which turns farmers into “Smart Entrepreneur” for selling high-value products made using solar dryers. Rudra Solar Energy is also working with thousands of NGOs and Corporate for CSR projects. With their supports company is uplifting farmers and women through home-based and farm level small start-ups. There are nos of models of solar dryer starting 2.5 kg per day to 500 kg per day dryers available, and farmers can choose as per their budget and start producing high quality solar dried products from their home terrace or their farm. By using Made in Bharat Solar Dryer’s

Income generation model can contribute to self-reliant income generation and contribution towards making “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

Rudra Solar Energy is a prestigious firm and is one of the Original Equipment Manufacturing in solar cookers, solar dryers and solar desalination. The company is broadening their horizon all over the Indian dealers by offering entrepreneurship opportunities through social causes. They are continuously involved in research and development and coming with the latest and innovative products every time.







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