India’s Sargam Koushal Is Mrs World 2022, Brings Crown Back After 21 Years

In today’s gala event of Mrs. World at Las Vegas, Sargam Koushal who was representing India was crowned the title. ‘’She even mentioned on Instagram that finally the long wait is over, after 21 years we have our crown back’’, she added.  She trumped contestants from 63 countries for bringing the title back after so long.

And obviously, she cried with happy tears after being over whelmed. She is from Jammu and Kashmir and after winning the title she was really happy which is reflected by posting on instagram how elated she was for the win. According to her posts we got to know that she taught as a teacher in Vizhag and her husband works for the Indian navy. And she has a postgraduate degree in ENGLISH LITERATURE.

In 2001, India has only won the crown once and that too with Dr Aditi who has now served as a judge for Mrs. India 2022-23. This beauty pageant was conceived in 1984 which traces the roots to Miss America Pageant. Mrs. World was came to be known as is only in 1988.Through the years, Mrs. Global has visible entrants from over 80 nations with the USA having the most variety of winners.

It was known as the Mrs. World before changing to any other name. These moments are really precious that someone really waits for and if you get some good outputs of your efforts than it’s worth the wait. This 32 year old lady created history by bringing the crown to where it belonged. Even Harnaaz Sandhu’s win at bringing the miss universe crown was even after 21 years creating history once again after so long. Even we got to know that it was Sargam’s dream to reach this stage and even her parents wanted her to do the same. She is a very smart, intellectual and an intelligent person.

Sargam, a beauty with brains lady is a painter and also a content writer. She is a person who started out being a teacher and ended up being somewhere in the glamour world and even pulling it off successfully. Even after her marriage she started to pursue her dreams, took parts in different beauty pageants and finally got to bring something home.

Knowledge is must to get further and deal with reality, but if you have some beauty to reflect it with your brains then go ahead and do it.

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