India’s visa temples attract devotees aspiring to go abroad

Arjun Viswanathan, a visitor among dozen visitors was standing on the street, with his hands folded and having his eyes fixed on the Hindu deity Ganesh. This beloved elephant- headed deity is believed to be the remover of obstacles. A tech professional was waiting outside the temple which was just like a closet which barely had room for just the priest, on a humid morning.

Those dozen visitors came for the same purpose of offering prayers for getting their US visa interviews to go smoothly and successfully and he came just a day before his interview.

A mile far from the Ganesh temple is the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Navaneetha Krishnan Temple, where an idol of Hanuman – a deity who has a human frame and the face of a monkey — is assumed to possess the electricity to comfortable visas. Additionally called “Anjaneya,” this god stands for electricity, wisdom and devotion. In this temple, he has earned the monikers “America Anjaneya” and “Visa Anjaneya.

This temple is popularly recognized as the ‘’ visa temple’’ among US visa seekers over the past decade. They may be determined in nearly any Indian town with a U.S. consulate. They usually benefit a following through phrase of mouth or social media.

There are many success Visa stories of many other devotees. Two engineering students both from Andhra Pradesh, Bontha and her friend Phani learned about this visa temple (Ganesh temple) . they went there to seek the blessings and putting his envelope on the foot of the deity to seek blessings.

In the future their visa application was approved. Mohanbabu Jagannathan and his wife Sangeetha  were thanked by the visitors for their success stories. Viswanathan said he is not someone “who usually believes in such things.” whilst his brother were given his British visa a decade ago after offering prayers here, Viswanathan chalked it as much as twist of fate. He became a believer when his wife were given her U.S. visa years in the past, he stated. The day after he visited the temple this time, Viswanathan’s employment visa was authorized. He’ll head to New Hampshire in a few months.“It’s all approximately religion,” he stated.

Everything depends on your beliefs and prayers. If you have believe and faith, or you think this will happen will happen, if you don’t you don’t. Have faith and trust in what you do.

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