Khushii Pathak Mishra – the inspiring story of a Life and Business Coach, and founder of The Mindful Abundance

“The best time to start your inner journey and create your dream life is now,” says Khushii

Khushii Pathak Mishra is the founder of personal development and transformation platform, “The Mindful Abundance”. She is a life design coach and Intuitive business Coach, a conscious minimalist and a millennial Mom.

Khushii helps people with the creativity of redesigning their life with the elimination of negative emotions and struggles. She helps people re-discover themselves and create their most abundant realities with ease and flow. She has turned her life and now helps others do the same!

Today Khushii is a very successful mompreneur running her most successful coaching business working with several ambitious and beautiful souls helping them transform their life and business.

She helps her clients get extraordinary results through inner work, healing, manifestation, and spirituality. She has made it her mission to get the best out of those fed up with knowing that they can do better in life and still feeling stuck. She found her purpose and began exploring her business with a six-month-old baby. Indeed it is awe-inspiring for everyone, but do you think it was all easy? Certainly not! However she was fierce and open to experimenting, pivoting and working on herself along the way

There is nothing more substantial than self-faith. This is the key Khushii embraced all her life and forged ahead despite going through traumatic circumstances regarding education and financial well-being. She went through postpartum depression but overcame all her struggles in her life with grace because she never gave up on herself. She embraced the power of healing and living in the ‘now.’

She began her journey as a storyteller on Youtube where she openly spoke about her real life as she knew through being able to express and share her life she will also heal herself, and to her surprise, she gradually that she was not alone in the room. Many reached out to her and shared their own depression and life stories.

Khushii realized the power of authenticity, being a compassionate and spiritually grounded person, and having defied many rules and logic in her life and business she has turned herself a Life and Intuitive business coach.

So far, she has trained and coached more than 2000 individuals. She finds motivation in helping others and paving a path for their transformation, every success story of her client adds fuel to her deep desire to bring change and leave a legacy in this world through her work. Khushii brings the best transformative experience with the methods of coaching with positive psychology, spirituality, and mindfulness embedded with healing and manifestation. 

The key to manifestation is belief and clarity in goal and action or fact of showing something. If you can embody your highest self in the now, everything that’s meant for you will come to fruition.

She also does business in a unique way by blending spirituality and strategy. She has successfully grown her business with ease and flow and following her intuition more than the typical online business strategies. She teaches her clients to create and run their online business empire with same ease, flow and energy.

Willpower, courage to heal yourself and to go beyond the mind has the power to give you everything you want and experience a beautiful.

Khushii believes in living and cherishing the present moment and making the best out of it without carrying any past baggage and fully embodying the present moment. Nothing is more important than the peace, joy and all the luxuries of life we deserve in human form.

She says, “Live life with a twinkle in your eyes and magic on your mind.”

Some of the most popular programs offered by ‘The Mindful Abundance’ are-

Khushi’s specialization

International Certified Professional Life Coach

International Certified Mindfulness Teacher

International Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner

International Certified NLP Master and REBT Practitioner

International Certified Relationship Coach

International Certified Law of Attraction Coach

International Certified Meditation Guide

Khushi made everyone believe that every uncertainty holds the capacity to realize an individual’s self-worth. Being confident that triggers you to take action into greater fulfilment. You must trust your intentions and remain accurate and specific about them, and there’s nothing more significant and powerful than self-belief and faith!

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