Struggle and Success – On my terms – Anand Bhairavv

Struggles are one of the greatest motivators we can use to overcome challenges or get to where we want to go in life. It’s also what can keep us from giving up when things get challenging or stressful. It motivates us to seek out knowledge, push ourselves and learn from others. In this article, we will be exploring the story of an upcoming star who is working towards his dreams.

As they say, nothing grows in the comfort zone. In the entertainment business world, you are as good as dead if you stay happy in your comfort zone. Coming out of your comfort zone may include learning languages in a matter of days, drastically changing your body to suit the script, or quitting your job which is your present financial source.

A childhood in the rural Idukki was never an obstacle for Anand to pursue his dreams. After completing his graduation in Electronics And Communication Engineering, Anand Bhairavv rose through the ranks at his job successfully. Anand says, ”Being an actor in cinema is everyone’s childhood dream. As he was a fun-loving person who likes to do some crazy kind things in life, he decided to pursue his passion despite having doubts about income and family pressure, with zero training and connections nor a godfather in the industry. He had to fight his way till he made a name for himself in the film industry. Through passion and dedication, he was able to be where he is today.

He adds, ” When I started the journey as an actor, I was not earning any income. Nor did any of my friends nor my family support my decision. Eventually, I got a few advertisements and short films and started earning for the first time. It took 7 years for me to prove myself in this field. I never gave up, never compromised, or thought that it was impossible for me to pursue my passion. I was not married and the pressure from my family was the biggest. However, I continued to chase my dream, and today I am evolving as an actor and working with some of the best talents in this industry.”

Anand has shared the screen with many known personalities like Sreesanth, Makarand Deshpande, and Nikki Galrani. Currently, he is associated with industry heavyweights and specializing in Celebrity Management, Influencer Marketing strategy building, and Film Production.

For his plans, he says, “I want to help out with my potential contributions to the industry, to discover new amazing creators, influencers, and celebrities and to help the budding talents because I’m passionate about our future. If you have talent, want to be discovered, and desire a better life, I’d love to talk to you.”


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