Meet Virendra Sharma – TEDx Speaker and Startup Mentor from Delhi

Virendra Sharma an influencer, motivator, keynote speaker, corporate trainer and start-up mentor (born on 26 Nov 1987). He has more than 11 years of experience in the corporate sector and has also worked with both private and with the Govt. Of India in delivering various sessions, seminars, workshops, webinars. He has connection with more than 100 campuses and universities PAN India for short term public speaking sessions, seminars, trainings in both tech and management domain, webinars and workshops. Virendra did his B. Tech in IT, MBA from SIBM Pune and Executive model program from IIT-Delhi. Overall, he is an intellect qualified person.

He is associated with more than 50+ institutes and 75+ corporate for Corporate training delivery in technical domain across PAN India like for HCL, Infosys, Wipro, Delloite and many more. He has empowered more than 3,00,000+ people with 200+ corporates, 100+ colleges and countless sessions, seminars, workshops and events. His key areas of delivery are Technical, Social, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Psychology which he has delivered to hundreds of prominent organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies, top universities and colleges across many countries like Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, & USA resulting in intangible results and performance in employees and operational excellence. He even has a lot experience in management and start up activities. He engaged with Start-Up India as a mentor and advisor. He was also working as ‘’Mentor Of Change’’ for the ATAL innovation a flagship initiative set up by NITI AAYOG, Govt. of India.

He delivered more than 100+ sessions in Soft skills and Management sector as well. Having 11+ years of Corporate training into countless technologies and playing the role of Full Stack Java Trainer, MERN/ MEAN Stack Trainer, Database Technologies as- MYSQL, Oracle, MongoDB. Also very well versed in developing the Android Applications and massive expertise of Database technology, diverse with MVC and ORM frameworks. He is also Java and Scrum Master certified from a simple person to Certified Intellectual.

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A person with positive mind set says ‘’I always believed in myself and my passion whatever have been the worst situations I never turned back in my past. Being self-motivated and analyzing today’s education gaps in current society I started my journey being a trainer who knows what and how to train the upcoming learners keeping in consideration the gaps to be filled in the education sector.’’ He added.

He was awarded in speaker category in the event E-summit 2021, Delhi. Shortlisted as mentor of change  at AIM, NITI Aayog, Government of India. He is also recognized under INC 40 under 40 and article to be published in book.

Virendra has been featured in many online media portals. He was shortlisted in speaker category for international Summit Dubai. He is currently working and residing in Delhi. Being a trainer turned into now not easy to gain while you realize that there’s hard competition in the market and those will ask you masses of questions and they will have a long listing of expectations from you.  He commenced his education passion within the year 2011. He told that someone challenged him on his abilities despite the fact that he never desired to be a trainer and by no means notion of getting into this zone. “When you think you can serve others well with full of capability and can listen to their hard words being you are so talented then I think you can survive well in the job but if you are unhappy from your job then I think the time arrived when you should always listen to your heart as what you can do the best” he added.

The challenges have been that each university or company started out taking unfastened demos from him and that he used to spend travel fee additionally from his own pocket. Nobody was taking him seriously and that they used to promise masses of things but in the course of delivery of schooling, they used to change their guidelines from paid to free from fee.  Life is not always about getting everything you want but it is about making it happen. He says “For me, learning and experimenting followed by planning with execution in a streamlined manner adding the flavour of hard work and a pinch of past experience into it will lead to success that makes me more happy and self-satisfied. Adding to above, I take enjoyment from the work because I see the growth and results, for myself, and for my clients – that energizes me, it doesn’t stress me! What growth happens from comfort zones? None. Diamonds are made under pressure”. He added.

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