Top 10 Renowned Cyber Security Researchers of India you must know about in 2023

Webhack Solutions has come up with a list that includes India’s most influential, trusted cyber pioneers who have helped build the country’s cyber ecosystem. Many of them on the list have been involved since the inception of the IT Act, while others have brainstormed about making India’s banking and financial sector resilient. This list includes many pioneers in the field of cyber crime investigation, cyber forensics, cyber security, banking and financial system, counter-terrorism, policing, etc. Each one of them has helped in achieving Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of Digital India.

This comprehensive list was built after a nationwide survey of Cybersecurity domain experts, their social media popularity, and open-source results.


Mr. Vivek Ramachandran is India’s most renowned Cybersecurity Expert so far. He is the Founder and Chief Trainer at Pentester Academy. He discovered the Caffe Latte attack, broke WEP Cloaking – a WEP protection schema, conceptualized enterprise Wi-Fi Backdoors and created Chellam, the world’s first Wi-Fi Firewall. He is also the author of multiple five-star rated books which have together sold over 13,000+ copies worldwide and have been translated into multiple languages. Mr. Ramachandran started in 2007, a YouTube for Cybersecurity which currently aggregates the largest collection of security research videos on the web and became the best resource for Cybersecurity learners.


Nitin Pandey is an Internationally renowned Cybersecurity Researcher, Speaker, Trainer, PenTester, Author, and Blogger and has experience of more than one and a half decades in the field of Cybersecurity. His expertise in Ethical Hacking, Dark Web, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Anti-Human Trafficking Techniques, OSINT, etc. has been widely recognized and acknowledged worldwide. Mr. Pandey is currently working for various state LEAs and Intelligence Agencies and helping them in Cybercrime Cases, Training & Tracking Suspects. He has delivered more than 500 talks & training sessions & has trained over 2 lac people including students, corporate, state law enforcement & intelligence agencies & government officials.


Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh is an International Trainer, Cyber Forensics, Fingerprint Expert, and Founder of Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science. He has written uncountable Research papers for National and International Journals. He has also provided numerous Legal Reports for Honorable Courts, Police Departments, NCB, and various Government Organizations and Law Enforcement Agencies. He has Trained more than 3 lakh people, 500+ institutions, and 20000+ Government Officers in Forensics. Many Countries like Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Jamaica, and Uganda invite him to train their Law Enforcement Agencies. He is a well-versed professional with more than 16 years of experience in forensic science.


Shivam Kumar Singh, also known as @MrRajputHacker, is a highly skilled Bug Bounty Hunter, Entrepreneur, Cyber Security Researcher, and Director of Team Hash Foundation (NGO). He is the recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Security Researcher Award for 2022 and has successfully hacked and secured numerous large corporations such as Microsoft, Github, Google, and Apple, as well as Ripple(XRP Cryptocurrency). Shivam is passionate about using his expertise to secure businesses and individuals from cyber threats. He is a dedicated Security Researcher who is constantly exploring new techniques and methods to enhance cybersecurity. Currently, He is Researching anonymously on the Internet World.


Sriram is a renowned Public Speaker, Cyber Security Researcher and is the Founder & Technical Director of PrimeFort. He has over a decade of experience in Web Application Penetration Testing and Social Engineering. He has helped multiple Fortune 500 companies like Google, Apple, and Blackberry in securing their assets and applications over the past decade. He has trained over 1.7 Lakh students with over 150+ conferences and given numerous talks on Cyber Security Awareness. Currently, Sriram holds designations as an advisor to multiple companies and is the founding and technical director of Primefort. 


Pratik Dabhi is a Renowned Bug Bounty Hunter, Penetration Tester, Youtuber, and Influencer in Cyber Security Domain. In his 20s Pratik has Ethically Hacked and Secured many Renowned Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Blackberry, Mastercard, Redhat, Disney (Hotstar), Dell, and other Reputed Companies. He has also been selected as the Top 20 hackers to represent GISEC Global live hacking event in Dubai. Pratik has unnumerable achievements as he helped countless companies to secure their data from Black Hat Hackers. His name is also in the list of “Bugcrowd Top 250 Hackers Globally” and “Yeswehack Top 50 Hackers Globally”. Currently, He is helping to secure Businesses and Individuals from Cyber Threats. He is also running a YouTube channel focused on teaching Ethical hacking and Bug Bounty techniques


Yasir Arafat Shaikh is a Cyber Security Researcher and Experienced Cyber Security Trainer from Mumbai. He has trained several batched of the Maharashtra Police and he has been invited to speak at numerous National and International Conferences on Cyber Security. He was awarded as a Best Cyber Security Trainer in 2018. He has Expertise in Web Penetration Testing and Network Penetration Testing. Currently, He is helping youth to make their career in Cyber Security Domain as a Chief Technology Officer at Macksofy Technologies Pvt Ltd. 


Vansh Devgan, also renowned by his stage name “Th3Pr0xyB0y” is an Entrepreneur, Independent Cyber Security Researcher, Full Stack Developer, and Cyber Security Consultant. He has been featured in Nord VPN as a Top Hacker. Vansh has secured Microsoft by finding bugs in the same for which the company has rewarded Vansh with $20,000. Recently, he find a bug in GitHub and he got a bounty of $10,000. Vansh has also helped to secure 150+ companies’ infrastructure through bug bounty or penetration testing. His main goal is to secure Companies from Malicious Attacks.


Nirmal Soni is a young Cyber Security Researcher and Trainer from Rajasthan. Nirmal is having more than 5 years of Experience in Cyber Crime Investigation. He has trained 1000+ Police Officials on Cyber Crime Investigation. Nirmal and his skilled team cracked 100+ Cyber Crime cases with Rajasthan Police, for which they were awarded by many Superintendents of Police of Rajasthan. He is developing an Investigation tool for Law Enforcement Agencies to efficiently their work and increase the chances of the crackdown on the Cyber Crime case. As Cyber Awareness is the only key to reducing Cyber Crimes, Nirmal Soni and his team is running a campaign at the broad level of the Cyber Security Awareness Program. 


Rahul Pandey, hailing from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, is a young and talented cyber security researcher and author. He has authored a unique fictional guide on cybersecurity titled “The Red Hat Club” and has co-authored a research paper called “Dark Web – The Hidden Cyberspace,” which was published by the International Association of Scientists and Researchers in the Academic Journal of Forensic Sciences. Cyber crimes, cyber security, and cyber psychology are the areas that Rahul is passionate about discussing and writing about, and he has been recognized for his exceptional potential and bravery by being awarded the Karmaveer Chakra Award, a prestigious global civilian honor bestowed by the International Confederation of NGOs.

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