What about sports with trade : Meet Singaraj an young Tennis coach and Entrepreneur

Life is like a game of tennis, the player who serves seldom loses. This was the same scenario when it came to trading for this young Entrepreneur. The passion of holding a racket rooted in the mind of this young tennis coach at the age of 10. The same happiness of winning a match can be felt if you win a trade according to him.

Tennis is a game of skills and talent. The sound of pounding feet, ragged breathing, hammering hearts , green clay and distinct sounds of tennis matches are his solace. From his childhood tennis acted as a second parent for him. Success was never easy and giving up was neither an option. Whenever he was going through a tough situation he would turn to his pack of balls and racquet for advice. Singaraj Selvam born on 6th July 2000 in a village of sivakasi in Tamilnadu is one of the finest tennis players who follows his passion as well as trading and investments as his career. Growing up carrying his passion has afforded him to opportunities and work experiences through various tennis Championships shaping him as a person he is today. It was in the last few years he got excited by trading as he is with tennis and then there was no looking back.

Winning a trade gives him the same satisfaction as winning a match does. Competitive as he is from before trading helped him to achieve much more than just financial stability. The confidence he gained through winning made him to make a few more steps to his goal of spreading the knowledge to others and being an inspiration to the youth.His life have taught him to push past the hardships and continue the play until success. His setbacks in life have shown him that not everything in life comes easily, the harder we work to achieve success the luckier we get.

William Smith

William Smith is a Freelancer Writer at Entrepreneur Ethics.

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