Rcb was founded in 2008 by united spirits. Since then till now it had been the most hyped cricket team so much so that now it competes with football clubs as far as popularity is concerned. And not taking the credit from others but majorly the reason behind it is the ‘HEARTBEAT’ of INDIAN cricket ‘VIRAT KOHLI’ one man had taken over and ruled the game popularly known as ‘KING KOHLI’ King Kohli was named the most influential Asian and the third most influential person in the world overall, as per HypeAuditor.

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The only people more influential than Virat Kohli are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The entire world keeps a watch on this team be it coaches, brands, members, and fans. It’s been 16 years and they had not won a single title still the craze amongst the fans of this team is unparallel. Every ground they play home or away crowd support is like they are playing a home game because of the entertainment this team has bought to people’s life no other team had given that talking about entertainment ABD VILLERS popularly known as mr360 as played the most unconventional shots in the history of cricket and got show much popular that when INDIA plays against South Africa and when he comes bat crowd support was for him that’s what RCB has gained over the years but in 16 seasons the only consistent thing is VIRAT KOHLI and his increasing fan following prime example of it in the recent encounter of Rcb vs LSG he has a showdown with Afghanistan’s bowler and after the game bowler had to restrict off his social media comment section. There is a reason why Virat Kohli’s aggression is celebrated doesn’t matter if he gets out in 0 or 100 the involvement, the passion, and the intensity he brings to the game no other players bring that’s what resonated with the large section of people and the reason of him being one the most celebrated sportsman in the world. On the other hand, other teams like DELHI Capitals and Punjab Kings have also never won a title but that doesn’t bother the audience. The minute the new ipl season starts RCB Starts to make the headlines winning or losing doesn’t matter but they surely know how to keep the audience engaged.
Above Article written by Aadesh Singh

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