The Literary Sensation & Multi – Talented Personality – Dr. Priyasi Das

Dr. Priyasi Das belongs from City of Joy & Passion Kolkata. She is a Glorious Award Winning Author, Engineer, Publisher, DOCTORATE Degree Holder in Literature, Multiple Record Holder, Guinness World Record (Mass Attempt Holder) & MISS E&E Universe (West Bengal). She has Authored eight Books & Co Authored more than forty eight Anthologies. She is the founding fairy of Priya’s knowledge Publication. She is also a Verified Celebrity on “RIZZLE APP”. She creates many videos on Poems, Dance, Shayari, COVID-19 Informations etc. She has achieved multiple National & World records for being the first person to write down a Reality based book on COVID-19.

She is a multi – gifted gem & ideal in each type of art i.e, Dancing, Singing, Writing & etc. Priyasi started the journey of her writing from 2016. Nowadays she is a renowned author for her eight Literary Masterpieces & she helps aspiring writers in uplifting themselves within the World of Literature. She completed her analysis & thesis in Literature & got her degree in Literature from GLOBAL TRIUMPH VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY. She has been awarded with India BOOK OF RECORDS, Vajra WORLD RECORDS, OMG BOOK OF RECORDS, GLOBAL RECORDS & RESEARCH FOUNDATION, MVLA world ACHIEVERS AWARD, LAUREATE AWARD & several others.

She is the Author of eight Literary Masterpiece i.e., Writer’s Write, The Unfinished Love, Hridoyer Spondon, Thoughts From Inner Soul, Poetic Rhythms, Verse of Emotions, Phases of COVID-19 & Self publishing VS Traditional publishing. She has additionally bagged the title of MISS E&E UNIVERSE (WEST BENGAL) on 2016. She has competed within the Beauty Pageant at the side of fifty eight participants.

She lives & chasing her dreams to the fullest. She is a nice Inspiration for the youths & she is unquestionably making a changement within the World of Women Community ignoring & rectifying all the barriers & restrictions. She lives & chasing her dreams to the fullest.

Priyasi says – “Focus on your goal, Success will find its path automatically!”

The Must Read Game ever-changing Story of Priyasi-
It was June 2020 when my father tested himself COVID +ve. He was totally bed ridden & we tend to lost all our hope & faith, however all of an unexpected situation I made up my mind that I actually have to neglect all barriers & provide him a life as he’s the sole one who always supported me to fulfill my dreams with all his love & support. Dad became sort of a kid & he was suffering severely. Everyday I wore my PPE Kit & took full care of him maintaining all guidelines & protocols. I did not feared or distressed. I made myself calm & looked into his health & symptoms everyday. While taking care of him I maintained a Journal & wrote down each reality & details together with his medications. Dad recovered himself after fourteen Days of battle. However things does not goes the way it seems. Once Dad recovered my Mumma tested herself COVID +ve however she was an aspymptomatic patient. It was not easy or simple to remain at home for nearly 1.5 Months.
1.5 Months of disaster phase & then we came to know that my granddad tested himself COVID +ve. Life did not appeared lucky enough, he was sturdy & fierce nonetheless we were unfortunate & we lost him. It is not simple to loose somebody & live our life blithely. It takes time to live through that initial zone. I created up my mind of writing a book from my daily Journal & wrote a Reality based mostly book titled “PHASES OF COVID-19” in keeping with my readers the book was informative & a valuable read. Even currently whenever someone is in need of Mental Consultation I perpetually facilitate them out whosoever it maybe. What can be additional higher goal instead of saving a life? Nothing right! Once finishing my analysis on COVID-19 I gained plenty of expertise & helped several of my patients. We bought one oxygen cylinder and we helped others by giving them the cylinder as saving one persons life do matters. I’m happy to facilitate or to assist everybody & being a game changer for all the individuals out there. The World needs help & we should be helpful enough.


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