Warlock Security, established in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, proved the first legitimate cyber security company.

The goal of Warlock Security is to inform people and institutions about cybersecurity risks and recommended procedures. They offer programs for awareness, education, and training.

India’s digital infrastructure has grown significantly over the last several years, with government programs like Digital India and improved internet access, digital payments, and eternity. Strong cyber security measures are essential because as more individuals and companies go online, there is an increased potential attack surface for cyber threats. Protecting sensitive data, averting data breaches, and guaranteeing adherence to data protection rules and regulations are all made possible by cyber security. Nonetheless, throughout the last three years, there has been a noticeable treble increase in cyberattacks. The need for cyber security personnel in India is expected to increase in response to these beliefs.

Abdul Masood, a cyber security practitioner who understands the ethical aspects of such assaults, trains young IT enthusiasts in his Cyber Security School. He does all of this through the cyber security firm Warlock Security. Warlock Security, established in Lucknow, was the first company to offer an in-depth cyber security training program in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. 

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The company’s main goal is to inform people and companies about cybersecurity best practices and dangers. They offer programs for awareness, education, and training with the goal of influencing staff members’ perspectives and actions about cybersecurity. They hope to lessen the possibility of human mistakes, enhance decision-making, and develop a more robust security posture by encouraging a security campaign culture.

For students’ holistic development across all fields and businesses. Abdul has created recognized courses for a one-year master’s degree in information security and a six-month diploma program in the same field. Even so, the company provides academically all Computer Training Courses.

Some of the most sought-after courses are enlisted in the following:

Abdul emphasizes the value of cyber security in his lectures by briefly describing the various cyber security fields, such as web penetration testing, application penetration testing, ethical hacking, and OSINT (OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE).

Abdul is preparing a lot more within his company to help the youth advance in the hacking world by creating a cyber security learner in every home.

Significance of The Hacker’s Meetup

They hold monthly Meet-Ups to give an appropriate forum for cyber security researchers as well as security enthusiasts who are truly interested in learning something and being exposed to the newest trends and concerns in cyber security, as well as taking a deep dive into the security sector. It is solely devoted to cyber security research by independent security researchers who uncover vulnerabilities, gain knowledge, and attempt to accomplish something out of the ordinary with their excitement, hard work, and love for security. The goal of the Meet-up is to exchange details with others, educate people about cyber security, meet and greet, network with other like-minded individuals, and develop a community.

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